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What is a blow molded board?


What is a blow molded board?

In fact, a blown plate is a material having a molded hollow inner cavity, and simultaneously includes an upper wall body forming an upper surface and a lower wall body forming a lower surface. 

This material has many uses, generally as a fireproof material, the specific method is to design the fireproof board into a shape suitable for the blow molded board, and then the lower surface of the fireproof board and the upper surface of the blow molded board through hot melt adhesive at high temperature, the two pressed together, the use of this structure of the material can be well combined with the advantages of the two in one, Not only has the fireproof characteristics of fireproof board, but also can have the advantages of light weight, less material and low cost, easy processing, basic automation of production process and material surface smooth and smooth. In addition, blow plate is also used in art, that is, blow paper prints can be created, that is, blow paper thickened as the base material of prints, and then can be scratched, engraved and other operations on it, and finally coated with pastel or ink, and so on, to print prints of great interest for children.

In fact, there are many uses of blow plate, here with you to list these two, read these, also believe that you will have a similar understanding of the blow plate this thing.

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