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  • The fading of blow molding products is often caused by the chemical resistance of the colorant. For example, molybdenum red is resistant to dilute acid, but it is sensitive to alkali, and cadmium yellow is not acid-resistant, which seriously affects the coloring effect of the colorant which induces fading.


  • Blow molded toys are generally considered safe for human use when produced and used in accordance with safety standards and regulations.


  • A blow-molded outdoor basketball rack for children is a basketball storage solution designed specifically for kids' use and outdoor environments.


  • In fact, a blown plate is a material having a molded hollow inner cavity, and simultaneously includes an upper wall body forming an upper surface and a lower wall body forming a lower surface.


  • A research group led by Li Jianwei, senior researcher of medicity research laboratory in Finland, has explored a new material called supramolecular plastic, which will replace traditional polymer plastics with an environmentally friendly material that promotes sustainable development. The supramolecular plastics made by researchers using the liquid-liquid phase separation method have similar mechanical properties to traditional polymers, but the new plastics are easier to decompose and reuse.