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The Manufacturing Process of Blow Molded Christmas Crafts


Here are the manufacturing process steps for Blow Molded Christmas Crafts:

Design: First, you need to develop a design concept and create preliminary sketches, or produce 3D designs and CAD drawings to guide the subsequent production process.

Make a mold shell: Make a mold shell according to the design requirements. You can use a CNC machine to process it according to the CAD drawings, or you can use manual processing methods.

Formal mold production: Use the prepared mold shell to carry out formal mold production, usually using heat treatment, polishing and other methods to ensure the quality and dimensional accuracy of the mold.

Installing the mold: Installing the mold on the blow molding machine usually requires installing and calibrating components such as heaters, coolers, pressure pumps, and cylinders.

Blowing: Use a blow molding machine to first heat the heated mold to a certain temperature, then add plastic raw materials to the lower opening, and extrude the heated plastic. After cooling and shaping of the mold, the shape of the Blow Molded Christmas Crafts is formed.

Cutting and Processing: Cut, cut, drill, assemble and remove raw edges from Blow Molded Christmas Crafts using cutters and shapers.

Inspection and packaging: Blow Molded Christmas Crafts are inspected for quality, including size, weight, shape, color and other aspects, and then packaged and sold.

The entire Blow Molded Christmas Crafts manufacturing process requires a high level of skill and expertise to ensure the quality and precision of the Blow Molded Christmas Crafts.

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